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About the company

Capital Group FASING Inc. is the biggest in Central Europe and one of the biggest in the world producer of chains for mining, fishery, power, sugar, cement, timber industry and others sectors where the implementation of technical chain takes place. FASING prospers in all the essential segments of industry around the globe. Its products are applied by over 4000 users. 

Work within the Group gives the essential competitive advantage due to the possibility of complex supply of chain routes with accessories, assembly tools and all necessary equipment. Different conditions of application demand different technical parameters of our products. Thus FASING offers wide range of case-hardened chains and many upgrades of special thermal treatment of the product. This way our clients receive the chains and routes specifically suited for their needs and conditions of use. The sentence “There are no perfect chains that meet all the requirements at the same time, but there are chains that are the best suited for the specific conditions” is the motto and fundamental rule of activity of the company. Working according to this values allows our clients to spare time and costs.

In its activities, the company bases mainly on innovative approach and application of modern solutions technology-wise as well as management-wise. Today, the fundamental element of our work and the general reason of our success is Integrated Quality Management System and Environment Protection. It guarantees efficient organization of the whole Group and at the same time it makes FASING a leader in the context of innovative organizational solutions and contribution to well-being of its surroundings. FASING proves regularly that it maintains such high level by taking part in many audits that assess the company, conducted by independent audit units.

Due to high quality of its products, confirmed by many certificates and prizes as well as application of quality management system, FASING in known globally as a successful company in its segments of the industry. Since 1997 it has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

In the following years Capital Group FASING Inc. will keep its level of work to be permanently in the leading position as a supplier of the best and innovative solutions responding to new trends and changes of the markets.