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Flight bars, clamps, locks

FASING is a producer of all accessories to chain assemblies:

  • forged flight bars of increased wear resistance for outboard and inboard chain assemblies,
  • locks made acc. to DIN 22253 and PN-G-46696,
  • forged and bended clamps.

All accessories meet the highest quality and strength requirements by carrying out the inspection at every stage of the production process.

Flight bars
made acc. to DIN 22259

For inboard chain assemblies, FASING offers flight bars of strengthened, symmetric design, which cooperate with round and flat link chains. They are to be applied in armoured face conveyors and beam stage loaders. Forged flight bars made of chromium-molybdenum steel, owing to special heat treatment, guarantee higher value of impact toughness in comparison to the requirements included in DIN 22259 standard. Due to the patented solution of fitting the clamp into a flight bar, which are connected with high quality bolts and self-locking nuts, the flight bars are of increased durability with no risk of clamp loosening in time of operation.



Dimensions and application

Flight bars for twin outboard
chain assembly

with locks

Flight bars for triple 
chain assemblies


Clamps for triple 
chain assemblies


Locks for double and triple chain assemblies
with chamfered arms DIN 22253
and arms without chamfers PN-G-46696



Locks acc. to DIN 22253 standard (FORM-B lock type) 

Locks acc. to PN-G-46696 standard (non-chamfered arms lock type)

Mechanical properties of locks

Specification of bolts and nuts for locks