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Research and development

One of the most important FASING’s development investment is having its own technology &construction department. Exactly there with support of engineers and technologists every new product has its beginning on a concept level.

The company has also Independent Testing Laboratory Complex, where material used to chain production is examined on every step of the production.

FASING uses in its research and development activities the support of academic and research institutions. For many years the Company has cooperated with renowned research and development institutions, among others AGH University of Science and Technology and Military University of Technology. Tests are carried out together and their results are put into practice. Worth mentioning is the fact that this mutual cooperation enables exchange and flow of technology and scientific ideas. Thanks to this policy, FASING has access to the latest scientific achievements. The company closely cooperates with Central Mining Institute (GIG) and Silesian University of Technology.

FASING carries out research and development projects abroad, cooperating with: Chinese Mine Safety Technology Research Institute and Product Evaluation System Inc. – accredited research center specialized in metallurgical research and localized in Pennsylvania, USA.