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Capital Group’s Mission

Success of FASING was and is possible thanks to the professionalism of its employees and deep faith in a necessity to constantly invest in machine park, as well as human resources.

  • Our aim is production of goods and offering services in accordance with the highest world standards, maintaining a dominant position in terms of sales and services nationally and significant position on the international markets.
  • We want the products and services offered by our company to be a synonym of modern production and full satisfaction of our customers.
  • We would like each employee to identify himself with the company and its aims. We would like the company’s name to mean a place of fulfilling professional goals and, as a consequence, life aims for each employee.
  • Our aim is a company friendly for its neighborhood and natural environment, a company which satisfies everyone who works for it and lives around it.


President’s message

Thank you very much for your interest in Capital Group FASING Plc.

Capital Group FASING Plc., as a listed company since 2000, is the largest company in Central Europe and one of the largest producers of chains for mining industry, power industry, fisheries, sugar, cement and timber industries, in the world. We act on the international market and sell our products to over 2000 customers.

FASING has 100 years of tradition from which it takes advantage of: experience in technology and employees’ skills and professionalism. Our company, that overcame privatization process and implemented Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, develops very quickly, on average 30% production increase per year.

FASING’s success has been possible thanks to the professionalism of its employees and deep conviction of the necessity to invest in machine park and employees constantly. I am convinced that adopted action plans connected with our strategy and solid financial bases will bring a desirable result and ensure a long-term prosperity for our company.

I want to thank all people connected with our company, both emotionally and in terms of capital and business,  for their contribution and continuous support.


Zdzisław Bik