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Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice

This Privacy Policy is aimed at ensuring sense of security for every user of Internet websites in domain Using our websites is equal to acceptance of the conditions of this Privacy Policy.

I.  Administrator

Data administrator is the company FASING Plc. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of generally applicable provisions of the law and its storage takes place on secured servers belonging to FASING Plc.

II.  Cookies

Websites in the domain use cookies. They are little text files sent by a server www and stored by the software of browser’s computer. Stored information concern: IP address, type of used browser, language, type of operating system, supplier of Internet service, time and date, localization and information sent to the website through a contact form. When the browser reconnects with the website, it recognizes the type of a device from which the user connects him/herself and uses the data collected previously to facilitate the use of the website.

III.  Advantages of the cookies files

Collected data serve to monitoring and checking how the users take advantage of our websites, to facilitate functioning of the service, ensuring more effective and carefree navigation. We monitor the information about the users by us of Google Analitics, which registers behavior of the user on the website. Cookies identify the user, which enables adapting the content of the website he uses for his/her needs. We use cookies files to guarantee the highest standard of comfort of our service and collected data are used only within the company Fasing Plc., to optimize the activities.

IV.  Data security

Data is kept and processed in accordance with the requirements of Polish law. We respect privacy of our users, therefore stored data is confidential and is not made available to the third party. It is of high priority for us to protect the data, therefore it is kept on safe and protected servers. Cookies don’t have access to the data on the user’s disc or to establish his/her identity. Cookies also don’t track his/her activities which are performed after leaving our website.

V.  Management of cookies files

The user has the possibility to switch off or switch on the option of gathering cookies at any time, through a change of settings in the Internet browser in accordance with the below instructions:

Additional personal data, such as e-mail address, are collected only in places, where the user approved of it by filling a form. The above mentioned data are stored and used only for purposes essential to perform a given function.

VII.  Final provisions

The above document applies only to the websites in domain We do not bear responsibility for the rules of privacy policy on other websites, including the websites to which direct the links on the websites in domain In case of using other websites, we ask to get acquainted with the Privacy Policy and cookies policy binding there. We reserve the right to implement changes in Privacy Policy through a proper modification to the above regulation. However, any changes made will not infringe the basic rule of safety and protection of the users’ data. This Privacy Policy is aimed at ensuring sense of safety for every user of our websites. 

Using our website is equal to approval of the conditions of this Privacy Policy.