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FASING, since its beginnings, has had good luck to people with passion and knowledge, which enabled to be ahead of the market trends. Therefore the Company is a leader in its branch.

Engineers and technologists

Continuous improvement of products quality, extending of products’ range and above all implementing of innovative technologies wouldn’t be possible without the engagement of the engineers and technologists. FASING has its own construction and development department. It is here, where the chain is created from the beginning thanks to our specialists, constructors and technologists. Inventions have always been a distinctive feature of FASING. Since the company’s beginnings until these days, a few hundreds of improvement recommendations and many patents and utility models have arisen in all the companies belonging to the Capital Group. Our engineers and constructors are also authors of many publications in mining and technical magazines.

The biggest successes of FASING’s employees in terms of improvement, modernization and innovative ideas:

  • elimination of cleaning of metallurgical products and chains using sulphuric acid solution, thanks to which it was possible to remove “ecological bomb – H2SO4” and implementation of shot blasting technology;
  • implementing the following machines to the production process: welding machines KSH 600D and 602D, calibrating machine of tension force up to 4000 kN, enabling the application of the worldwide most up-to-date multistage inductive heat treatment;
  • implementing the latest most efficient methods and agents of anti-corrosion protection of chains, including hot-dip galvanizing and cold metal plating;
  • implementing new grades of highly optimal steel acc. to own specifications and requirements, including patented steel grade – patent No. 194639 in 2001.
  • implementing to the production double flat and triple flat mining chains, including size 42×146 – 100 based on own patent No. 118632 from 2009;
  • implementing to the production connecting links to plough chains, based on own patent No. 117557 from 2006;
  • implementing to the production vertical connecting links to the round link mining chains and flat link mining chains in full range 34mm to 48mm.

Sales and service people

FASING’s sales personnel constitutes a huge power, ensuring good communication between the Company and its customers. Thanks to often close relations with the customers, sales people play an important part in a process of gathering market information, innovations and trends, and – most importantly – customers’ expectations. As a front line, sales department represents the whole company, at the same time fulfilling business aims. And we want to emphasize that although the mining market in Poland is shrinking, sales of the products Of Capital Group FASING Plc. is constantly increasing.

FASING is proud of having over 60 regular foreign customers. Sales team of Export Department is a team of specialists speaking many foreign languages. Long term partner relations are built in customers’ mother languages: above others English, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish or Italian. Rich experience, technical knowledge, knowledge of foreign languages, communicativeness and engagement are the characteristics of sales people of FASING Group, which guarantees customer service of the highest level. It is systematically confirmed by the references received from Polish and foreign customers.

Service department

Service people job is to ensure proper supervision over the Company’s products during exploitation. Similarly to the sales team, thanks to the direct contacts with customers, they are receiving feedback from the market, which enables continuous development and modernization of the Company’s products. However, main task of the service team is educating the customers in the scope of proper exploitation and technical maintenance of the Company’s products , so that that can be used properly as long as possible. Our customers trust our service team and appreciate their knowledge and experience.

Feedback from the customers is passed to the Development Department and Production Department. This way service employees have influence on adjusting the products directly to the customers’ demand.