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Lifting chains, chains for hoists

The group of special, short-link chains with high hardness value and free of any production tension, of standard precision, applied in chain slings, used in lifting and carrying the loads.

! Hot galvanizing of lifting chains grade 10, 11 and 12 is unacceptable!

Short link lifting chains


MAX – characterized with high hardness and made of chromium nickel molybdenum manganese alloy steel with micro additives in compliance with DIN 17115 standard and FASING Technical Requirements
10 – strength grade ≥ 1 000MPa
11 – strength grade ≥ 1 100MPa
12 – strength grade ≥ 1 200MPa
FAS MAX – FASING own marking



acc. to PAS 1061, ASTM A973/A973M
and FASING Technical Requirements

(grade 10, 11, 12)

Dimensions and mechanical properties

acc. to PN - EN 818 - 2 (grade 8)

Dimensions and mechanical properties

Working Load Limit WLL [t]


Changes of Working Load Limit in relation to temperature
Working Load Limit in % WLL


Chains for hoists
acc. to PN-G-46732 and DIN 5684


Manually and power operated chain hoists suited for mechanization of lifting and transportation services.

FASING is authorized to manufacture calibrated short link lifting chains on the basis of the Decision No. UD-09-78-E/2-07 issued by The Office of Technical Inspection.




Mechanical properties

Hoisting chain parameters for the strands of 150 m in length