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Flat link mining chains

FASING produces three types of flat link chains:

• acc. to DIN 22255 standard
• Master Profile double Flat (acc. to DIN 22255 and FASING Technical Requirements)
• Master Profile triple flat (acc. to DIN 22255 and FASING Technical Requirements)

Vertical links in flat chains are of smaller height in comparison to horizontal links. At the same time, the chain does not lose its mechanical properties in the case of each size and grade.


Double and triple flat chains on the example of 34 x 126-84, 34 x 126-75


Flat link mining chains
acc. to DIN 22255 and FASING Technical Requirements


Flat link mining chains may replace currently used round link chains of the same diameter, without the need of changing other assembly components. Alternatively, flat link chains enable to use lower profiles in conveyors because the vertical links, produced according to DIN 22255
standard, are of the same height as round links, which are made acc. to DIN 22252 standard. The latter are smaller by an order of diameter value, e.g. flat link chain 34 x 126 is of the height b4 = max 94 (99) which corresponds to round link chain 30 x 108 b2 = max 97.
The chain vertical links are flattened or forged. FASING has developed Technical Requirements for the chain grades that have different mechanical properties in comparison to the ones provided in DIN 22255 standard. Upon customer’s request, flat link chains may be manufactured
according to the Chinese standard MT/T929.


Armoured Face Conveyors, Beam Stage Loaders, road header machines.


* dimension to be consulted with the producer
** made of flattened links

Double flat chains Master Profile
acc. to DIN 22255 and FASING Technical Requirements

Master Profile double flat chains have all the advantages of flat chains produced acc. to DIN 22255. Moreover, they are characterized by even smaller vertical link height, which allows to increase the distance between conveyor metal sliding sheet and the pans. For this reason, the risk of friction martensite and the following performance failure is minimized. At the same time, the flight bar durability is extended as its permitted wear degree of higher value does not affect chain vertical links. The vertical links in double flat chain are of the same height as round links, made acc. to DIN 22252 standard, which are twice as smaller in diameter as for example double flat link chain 42 x 146 - 109 of height b4 = max 109 which corresponds to round link height 34 x 126, b2=max 110.
Chain performance durability has been also improved thanks to special geometry achieved by computer simulations, which allowed for strengthening the critical areas and increase the size of a flat surface, which rubs against the metal sliding sheet. It reduces the unit pressure in comparison to round link chains. Double flat link chains cooperate with the standard sprockets acc. to DIN 22256, flight bars acc. to DIN 22257 and locks acc. to DIN 22253 / PN-G-46696 – the chains may replace currently used round or flat link chains acc. to DIN 22255. For the grades that differ in mechanical properties and sizes in comparison to the ones provided in DIN 22255 standard FASING has developed its own Technical Requirements.

FASING has introduced double flat link chains 22 x 86-61 and 24 x 86-64 into production and sales. They are manufactured on the basis of DIN 22255 standard and FASING Technical Requirements.
The products have been awarded with:

• The Innovative Product – Katowice 2015
• Mining Success of the Year 2015 in the category “INNOVATION”


Double flat chains 42 x 146-109, 48 x 152-115 and 48 x 152-121





Mechanical properties



Triple flat mining chains Master Profile
acc. to DIN 22255 and FASING Technical Requirements

Master Profile triple flat mining chains are innovative products in which the height of vertical links has been yet lowered, in comparison to the height of double flat chains. The chains are of special design which allows them to be a part of the most efficient haulage systems. They significantly increase strength and chain durability in comparison to round link chains made acc. to DIN 22252 or flat link chains acc. to DIN 22255 of the same height. Vertical links in triple flat mining chains are as high as round links produced acc. to DIN 22252, which are three levels smaller in diameter, e.g. triple flat link chain 34 x 126 - 75 is of height b4 = max 75 that corresponds to the height of round link chain 24 x 86, b2 = max 79.

Master Profile triple flat chains are additionally strengthened with a central stud, which prevents the chain against any entanglement.



Mechanical properties