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Mining Tools and Equipment Factories Capital Group FASING Plc.

offers chains of diameter Ø9 - Ø60 mm, chain assemblies and accessories for:

  • mining industry
  • energy sector
  • lifting and transportation sector
  • sugar and cement sector
  • fishing industry

Products of the company are continuously improved so they can satisfy the demands of dynamically changing markets by offering the innovative and modern technological solutions. The diversity of chain application requires different technical parameters and properties of each product. Thus, FASING offers wide range of chains and accessories that are produced according to the specific customer requirements so one may receive the product adapted to the needs of end users. Under this approach, our motto is:

“There are no perfect chains that meet all the requirements, 

but there are chains that are perfectly suited for specific conditions.”

The worldwide success of FASING lies above all in the highest quality and wide range of its products. Since 2003 FASING has operated on the basis of Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, PN EN ISO 9001 and PN EN ISO 14001 standards. The high quality and safety of the products is ensured by multiple, updated on a regular basis, attestations recognized in different global markets, as well as, awards obtained in Poland and on international scale.