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Corporate Social Responsibility

Capital Group FASING Plc. based many of its activities on the social responsibility of business. In practice these activities express in special care for environment as well as active participation in social life of Katowice and the whole Silesian region.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and effect of synergy

Many solutions reducing arduousness of the factory operation are being implemented for the sake of the local residents. Noise and emission of harmful substances are being reduced to a minimum. Social responsibility also means broad activities in the scope of waste utilization and its recycling.

The Company tries to maximize and dispose waste products. Continuous investment in renovation as well as production process restructuring are introduced in order to reduce harmful effects on the environment. Innovative attitude is visual also in above mentioned respect, which can be proven by the fact that work in FASING is organized according to Integrated Management System, additionally enriched by environmental protection.

Environment in which company operates and functions is really important to FASING, Company is aware of the fact that is a neighbor of the inhabitants of Katowice city. Therefore, FASING takes a complex care of the region - on the one hand puts a lot of attention to the environment protection, on the other hand, contributes to the development of the region. The Company supports various local institutions and initiatives, including charities, sports clubs, cultural centers and educational institutions.

As a global player, FASING do not forget about its local activities. By thinking locally, it works globally and simultaneously use effects of synergies.